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The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique teaches you to work with time, instead of struggling against it. A revolutionary time management system, it is at once deceptively simple to learn and life-changing to use.

Link: https://francescocirillo.com/pages/pomodoro-technique

TomatoTimer: https://tomato-timer.com

Put Your Heart Into It

I found this article online and am sharing it here with a link to the original source, I don’t own any piece of this.

I have always reacted most favorably to the old injunction, “put your heart into it.” It makes no difference what the duty may be, we compromise and weaken ourselves if we do not give it our best. Tasks around the house or at the office are often of a petty routine nature and we may feel half-hearted in taking care of them. Most of these, however, would take only a little more time to be done right, and when we finish them in that spirit, we feel good inside. Katherine Tingley had some fine words on this subject: “Do well the smallest duty, and when the day is done, there will be no regrets, no time wasted. Then joy will come.” I feel this inner joy is a sure indication that we are on the right track when we have done the best we can.